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While standing on the top, all by myself, something wicked comes in this night. At first my mind grows wary, not aware of what is happening, then I suddenly burst into madness, knowing what that is. It grew in my eyes, like a sun in the dawn, like child in his own eyes. My fingers grew nervous, started to clean the cold sweat off my head. Limbs started to shake and became numb, like I never used them before. I had been expecting something like this, that will take me soon... Or should I say to overtake me, because I've been... fighting... yes, fighting with "that". That thing lives in my mind, my very mind, that is quite lost. While coming to me, I knew that I cannot win this time, I knew my it is over... My place on this earth is no more...

As the palaces burn
04/01/2009 23:20